Titanicus One

The orbiting space station that supports a growing percentage of the human race. Titanicus One is the most recent marvel of human engineering, entering orbit just 3 years ago, in 2329. Spanning 1700 kilometers in diameter, this spherical station is about half the size of the Moon, or an 1/8 the size of the Earth, although this statistic betrays its actual size. Due to the multilayer design of the station, devoting levels to living space, a retail floor, an operation floor at top and bottom, as well as utility and industry floors, the actual developable area is much larger than that of the Moon. Unfortunately the station has garnered an almost fable-esk reputation, rumors abound with people who have gone mad from lack of sunlight and no stable ground under their feet. For this reason the station is far from filling to its capacity, many floors lie empty and locked until the population expands enough to warrant their use.

The Colony of the Future!

Titanicus One is build to the highest level of technological standards, although some of these standards were set in 2300 when the construction of the station first began.

Living Quarters

The living quarters are highly advanced, due mostly to their furnishing taking place late in the construction process. Each living unit is built to the same basic design, although there are 4 different basic models for different occupancy needs.

The single unit living quarters, for single occupants or couples, consist of a single bedroom, a living room/entry area, a kitchen and a bathroom. The next size living quarters, made for families, has the addition of a second bedroom, and a utility room that can be re-purposed as needs be. The third size living quarter is for multifamily groups, either consisting of a group of roommates or a group of extended family, this has the facilities of a single unit, plus 5 more bedrooms, a second bathroom, a larger kitchen, and a second living room. The largest size living quarters are designed as domiciles for large groups of people including retirement homes, orphanages, and extremely large extended families, the total rooms here include 20 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, and 3 living room areas.

Within the rooms the actual design is much the same between the various living units. The living areas sport Graphical Panels walls to allow design and entertainment purposes. The room are build for efficiency and continual use, the living rooms sporting couches and chairs as well as dining tables all retractable into the floor for specific room uses. The bedroom sport beds, chairs, and desks all in the same retractable fashion. The kitchen has counters and tables that all have thermal controls and again are able to retract into the floor. All food and drink are delivered through the inter-station transport.

Titanicus One

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