Mars is a paradise populated by the ELFs. Humans have been living on Mars since Scarlet Industries build the first Bio-dome here in the year 2207. Mars has since separated itself from The Human Empire, preferring the rule of The Scarlet Council.


The bio-domes located on Mars are generally smaller than those of the moon. These domes range greatly in size from the small domes that encompass single family mansions, to the largest dome that encompasses the adult amusement park Cloud Nine.

The domes on the martian surface constitute both individual domes, accessible by private space ports controlled by the owners of the individual dome, and interconnected public domain domes, with light rail tubes controlled by the Scarlet Council offering transportation in between.

Citizens, Visitors, and Vassals

The citizens of Mars enjoy the privilege of belonging to one of the most exclusive populations in the known universe. At any given time there are only 1 million martians at any given time. Additionally all of these citizens are ELFs, either natural born, or due to the mysterious gift of The Transformation. 95% of these ELFs are native born, with the remaining 5% of those being created through the Transformation, the latter group being entirely chosen by the Scarlet Council through a selection process that has never been revealed. Citizens are all expected to participate in the the operation of the council, each of them completing a 10 year long term as a member of the Scarlet Council near the end of their life.

Visitors to the planet are fairly common including business partners, friends, and any number of other people coming from other planet arrive and depart throughout the martian year. Citizens created through the Transformation often invite their families to visit them in their new homes. Far less common are the rich and influential from around the known universe who occasionally visit to see the top quality attractions, get away from less prestigious populations, or petition for citizenship. All visitors are strictly bound to a travel visa, designating the identity of the visitor and a predetermined duration for the stay. These visas are quite rare, and harshly enforced, each one containing a MPS allowing The Scarlet Battalion to track all visitors constantly throughout their stay. Occasionally a visitor will try to stay longer than a visa has permitted, or try to make an unscheduled trip, although those that do disappear, never to be seen again.

Vassals are those humans from other planets allowed to live on the planet. These vassals are all directly nominated by a citizen, who then has direct authority and responsibility for them for the duration of their stay on the planet. These people are servants, laborers, skilled workers, or even simply companions of their benefactors. A vassal may come to the planet for any number of reasons: some come to work at the fantastic restaurants, theaters, Cloud Nine, or anywhere else requiring great expertise; some come to work at more labor intensive jobs, either to get away from their home planet or to attempt to petition for citizenship during their stay. The actual arrangement with their benefactor is entirely up to the contract they sign when the pair registers the vassal into the official record of The Council House.


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