Earth is the home of the largest population of humans in the known galaxy.


Looking at the earth’s surface we can see that 70% of it is covered by water, 25% is covered by city, and a mere 5% is left to support the animal and plant life. The human race covers the planet, living in sky scrapers that fill the land from ocean to ocean, and out onto floating cities that dot the surface of the water. The few natural reserves that are scattered across the planet are built from the same Bio-dome technology that was created to allow people to live on other planets. These reserves are some of the most high security locations that can be found, being under constant guard by The Empire Army. The guard is a necessity to protect the few specimens of the animal and plant life that was destroyed over the last several hundred years. Some species died in the process of city expansion, others through the wars that have happened throughout history, but the results have been dramatic in any case. No one can be sure for certain how many of the species that originally populated the planet still remain, but the Empire is dead set on making sure no more are lost.

The People of the Empire

The people of the Empire are packed into buildings all over the planet, living in metropolises packed with hundred story skyscrapers down to the more sparsely populated suburbs. The people of the Empire live in a world that never sleeps, ever since the world became connected by the system of bullet trains and express trolleys that make a trip across the planet into only an afternoon’s annoyance.

Just about any type of career can be found on this planet, if you are willing to fight for it. Office workers, actors, sports stars, waiters, and janitors any job that will put a few credits in your pocket and allow you to avoid moving off-world if worth doing, and there will be at least a dozen people applying to an opening within hours of its posting. The majority of people do not like the idea of having to live on the moon where they would likely have to work in a massive factory or farm, or on Titanicus One where you never see the sky above. The reason that people are so set on finding a job and a place to live is that if The Human Empire finds an unemployed or homeless individual they are more than happy to help this drain on society to find a home or job on the satellite colonies that offer so much more opportunity.

People living on Earth are usually well off financially, even salespeople and maintenance workers make a wage large enough to own a home and live comfortable. The main cause of this is the Empire’s supreme control over almost all of the resources on the planet, ensuring a relatively high wage and low cost of living.

But What Do They Do?

There are two areas of employment that make up the majority of employment for humans on Earth: The Entertainment Industry and Scientific Development.

The combination of a huge population, and the lack of fear of starvation, war, and disease means that the concern of most people is to stay entertained during their time off. Worldwide sports leagues, like Dangerball, ATR, and Holodome, run seasons that last for most of the year and consist of games nearly everyday. Hollywood, Sydney, and Moscow are packed with studios producing feature length Holostories the entertain the masses. Museums and galleries can be found throughout the world, showing poeple what the world was like in the past, and showing the artistic creations that people have made.

The scientific development industry is constantly striving to improve on the technologies and sciences that allow the Human Race to continue living and expanding. Some of the most widely used, and most helpful, products that have been created in recent times have come from scientists on earth: Matter Converters, improvements in Solar Sail and Nuclear Pulse Propulsion engines, [[Bio-domes, and Kinetic Shields are all examples.


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