Melody Gray

I have grayish pale skin with large light blue eyes and long thin limbs. I have a pixie hair cut and dark brown hair. I wear cargo pants where my ferret rides in the pockets.


I’m to tell you the story of my life? Who are you? Why do you want to know?


Ok, well Alberto trusts you so I guess I do… maybe. I started out on Venus; don’t look at me that way! Venus is just as good as any other place, ELFs are not that special. So I took care of my sister since I was little. She’s crazy ya know? Sees shit and talks to herself that type of crazy.

No! It does not run in the family. What are you trying to say?

But I don’t want to talk about her. My dad, he’s got science on the brain, trying to help the mole people and everything. Moms dead.

I lived on Venus with my sister for a while. Since dad is smart and all we had it better than a lot of people. I didn’t have to take care of Sybil by myself. We had people to help out. But I was her best friend, the only one who really understood her, ya know? But I don’t want to talk about it. I got told one day that I had to step up and take care of Sybil by myself, family takes care of family. You believe that crap! I needed to get out of there, leave the undergrounds and see the world with a sky. If I was put in charge of Sybil for the rest of my life, the only one… I just couldn’t do it.

So I took a plane out and never looked back, well sometimes I look back but I don’t regret leaving. I started working on ships, shit work no one else wanted to do. But I met a guy called Myles. He got me ya know? I also met Alberto. He’s got his shit together more than anyone I know. Myles taught us how to fly a ship, think I impressed him some too.

Flying a ship is like nothing I ever experienced before. You now how normally you’ve got bees buzzing around in you head making all kinds of noise and distraction? Well flying just clears all the bees out and leaves space to breath.

Eventually we had to get going. I overheard some of the other crew talking about me one day. They didn’t know I heard them but I did. They were plotting to frame me for a murder, or murder me. But I had to get out fast. Myles tried to talk me out of it. Sometimes I think he can be naïve. He trusted everything people told him, never questioning. Question everything. That’s one thing my dad taught me. He trusted what was proven by science alone.

I booked it as soon as we landed and got a job on another ship. But I had skills now, I became a pilot. No shitty job for me and Alberto. I’ve had to get going a few times since them but I always find another ship to fly. It doesn’t matter who I work for or with, as long as I can feel that clarity after takeoff.

Now let Alberto tell you what he did before coming to live with me. Oh man, he was even on the scarlet council for a while but they- hey! Where are you going?

Melody Gray

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