Hayashi Hana

Hana is 5'4" and around 130 lbs. She has long, wavy black hair with thick bangs, and striking gray eyes.


Traditionally, when one chooses to tell one’s life story, it can be expected that they begin at the beginning, and work in chronological order until they have reached their present. That is not the case, here.

To truly understand, I will start when I was 12 years of age, for that is when my life truly began. My name? You may call me Hayashi Hana, though that is not the name I was born with, it suits my purpose.

My Mistress, Lady Kamida Masami, heir to the great Kamida fortune and estates, found me on the street when I was 12 years old.

I was bedraggled, dirty and already jaded where the rest of the world was concerned. I saw a potential mark, when first she picked me up. I asked her what she wanted, eying her finery, wondering what I could get out of her before she put me back on the street.

She looked at me almost somberly, and asked quite seriously, though I did not believe her at the time, how much I would cost were she to keep me at her side; to use me as her eyes, and to furnish my heart’s every desire.

I cannot remember what ridiculous number I said, thinking she was trying to make a mockery of me. She chuckled gently, a rich, melodious sound. “I suppose that will do, for a start.”

To this day, Mistress Kamida has never told me what made her stop and pick me up. Sometimes, I wonder ‘Why me?’ but truly? Never was I happier than to serve her howsoever she desired.

My Mistress took my into her home, and I was tutored in many things. I was never a prodigy when it came to math, though I tried to excel at all things. My strengths tended towards people and the arts. I enjoyed psychology and writing, as well as a variety of cultural studies

Mistress Kamida took a great interest in the culture of the ELFs in particular, craving greatly to become a part of their society. In order to fit her ideals, I was also modified, though I found I did not mind. Anything that Mistress asked of me that was within my power was acceptable.

I recall looking in the mirror, the first time after the bandages came off. I remember being aware that I had been what people considered pretty before, but now? Now I was beautiful; ethereal. My eyes, once a chocolate brown, were now a striking gray, huge and innocent against the stark black of the hair that framed my delicate face.

I remember Milady’s happiness at how I appeared, and that in turn made me happy.

My tutoring continued as I grew older, and when I turned 16, I began learning the art of the body.

I was, at first, rather skeptical of learning these new techniques. While on the streets, I’d had a few encounters of the sexual variety. Nothing too overt, but a few times in the last year or so before Lady Kamida picked me up. I beg you not to judge what I had to do to survive.

However, the things I began learning here were nothing like those brief encounters. Some of it was subtle; a suggestive glance, a gentle brush of the fingertips, a moistening of the lips. Some was more outright; techniques designed to drive another mad with pleasure.

I studied both men and women, finding that while I preferred men, both were interesting in different ways.

The first one I experimented with my techniques on, when I was 17, was Rafael. He was another of the households’ servants, recently hired into Mistress’ service.

Looking back now, I suspect that Rafe, as I called him, was a plant from the beginning from my Mistress, though neither of us knew it. He was gorgeous, 19, and the first & only to teach me that seduction can be a double edged sword.

I truly cared for Rafe, but he wanted all of me, and that was something I could not give. I belonged to Lady Kamida first, and all others afterward.

When Mistress gave me my first true assignment, as a companion to a visiting foreign diplomat that she was hosting, Rafe confronted me and begged me not to go. I knew as I walked away from him that he would never forgive me, but I also knew that never again could I allow myself to become attached to another as I had Rafe.

Mistress found herself without need of Rafe’s skills, and released him of her service not long thereafter.

I found that I excelled at the tasks that Milady now requested of me. I was her eyes, her ears, where she herself could not go.

People drop their guard; they allow people into their defenses when they pass the time with a beautiful companion. Especially when said companion is well versed at earning another’s trust.

I aided my Mistress in all things she requested of me. When one of her rivals approached me in secret, hoping to use me against her, I had only to tell Milady.

Not only did Lady Kamida pay me twice what I had been offered, but she also commended me for coming directly to her; seeking her aid. Her praise was truly the only thing that I desired.

Mistress did not require my skills all of the time, and I found that other people still requested time of me, independent of Lady Kamida. High-positioned people, as well as those with money, paid for me to appear on their arm for media events, to be their consort at social occasions, and for other, more private pleasures.

It pleased me to be beautiful and desired. It delighted me to know that my Mistress had made into something alluring; an embodiment of art and grace. She had made me a modern-day version of the ancient Japanese geisha. All of these things made me so very content in this life, but above everything, it pleased me most that Mistress should come first in all things.

Lady Kamida continued in her endeavors in all things relating to the ELF, and several high-ranking ELFs visited us. I played companion to each of these beautiful creatures.

When I was 21, Mistress was extended an invitation to spend time on Mars in the household of one of the male ELFs whom I had accompanied several times over the last year. She accepted Lord Vergil’s offer with alacrity, and graciously allowed me to travel along with her.

Travel to Mars was a little unnerving to me, but the journey passed without incident, and we arrived safely on the planet. Our host, the ever gracious Lord Vergil, greeted us upon our arrival and made us welcome in his own estate. He had already acquired us the visas we would need for our stay, and made clear that should we need anything, we had only to ask.

He made but one request; That while I was here, I would attend him as his companion and no other’s during our stay. Mistress agreed that this was reasonable, and so I acquiesced.

I found that, as I had before, in public Lord Vergil cared more about having the beautiful companion on his arm as a talking piece, and that while in private he desired the intellectual conversations that we often had. Occasionally, we had relations of a more physical nature, but Vergil was a man driven more by intellectual pursuits and less by physical desire.

When the end of our stay on the planet neared, I found that while I had not fallen for the Lord Vergil, I felt fondly for him, and hoped that he might ask after my company again. I did not expect the offer he extended to both myself and Lady Kamida to visit again in one months’ time.

Lady Kamida was overjoyed, however. During our flight home, she spoke to me of meeting other ELFs, of their beautiful culture, and how she could not wait to come back in a month. She was as wide-eyed and dreamy as a girl. She said that the Scarlet Council had extended an invitation to return to them on her next visit.

How could I know that in the coming months, as we continued more frequently to visit Mars, that milady Kamida was slowly slipping away from me? The ELFs inundated my Mistress with all of their culture, all that she had ever desired. She would return each time glowing, radiant, happy beyond belief… But that elation was bittersweet, for me.

We grew more distant than we had been, Milady no longer needing me for things that she had. She suddenly had this whole culture that had welcomed and wrapped her into itself, and I was only there because I was her companion, but no longer because she needed me.

I slowly discovered that there were others like me on this strange, new world. We, for I became one of them, were what was known as Vassals. We served our chosen masters and, as I discovered, shared information amongst each other & made all of each others’ lives more comfortable.

I began to look forward to my free time during our numerous visits to Mars, having made fast friends with several of the other vassals; Leo and Viveka in particular. Leo was smart, patient, and quick to smile. Viveka was hot-tempered, quick to judge, and sometimes way too stubborn for her own good. Somehow, though, I got along with both of them like we had always been together. The three of us spent any free time we could together while I was visiting, and I always left promising to keep in touch.

I should have known something was amiss on our last trip to Earth. Lady Kamida was fair bursting at the seams with her desire to return to Mars. She made several comments about permanent residence there, though at the time I couldn’t fathom how that would be possible. Nevertheless, we packed up near the whole household, and when next we went, Mistress’ closest servants and aides came as well.

This time, there was no Vergil to greet us, but rather, a guide who directed us to what he called the new Kamida Estate. We unloaded all of Lady Kamida’s belongings, most with trepidation that the Scarlet Battalion would bear down upon us in outrage, demanding to know what we were doing. The recriminations never came, however.

Late that same evening, Lady Kamida returned to us. At least, someone with Milady’s face and memories returned to us. She was simultaneously more, and less, than she had been. There was something different about her, something almost unsettling. It took me a moment to realize these were the same feelings I’d had the first time I met Lord Vergil. Milady had undergone the Transformation: She had become an ELF.

Viveka and Leo have been helping me become accustomed to living here on Mars. They know it came as a shock to me when Lady Kamida returned forever changed to me, and they have become my steadfast companions.

Milady, the esteemed Kamida Masami, has little interest in mortal affairs now, so wrapped up is she in all the things she still has left to learn about her new culture. So, I spend much of my time now in pursuits of my own.

Mistress no longer needs me, and so I am left to figure out what to do with this life that is now my own. I find that I am at some sort of crossroads here in my life, and I have no idea what it is that I want to do. I also just discovered that I have won some sort of vacation contest that I don’t remember entering. I bet it was Viveka & Leo, trying to get my spirits up. I suppose a vacation might be just what I need…

Hayashi Hana

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