Alberto Reynolds

It's a ferret.


So you are the characters Melody is traveling with, you all seem… trivial. But if Melody has decided to stay with you there is little I can do. So let me introduce myself: I am Alberto Adrian Reynolds.

Though I did not start there I have spent much time on Mars. While there I managed to become an advisor for The Scarlet Council. I would voice my opinion here and there and they would generally accommodate my wishes.

I grew tired of the politics and facades of the Council so I took my leave. Mars people are such bores only worried about looks and social gain.

I spent some time on the Moon but did not stay long. Such a waste of a population.

At first I traveled to general high destination places. I traveled to earth and saw a few danger ball games and museums but I stayed for the science. I became very interested and helped produce some of the new matter conversion techniques. This captured me far more than politics, but I also left there after a few years. I seem to have a need to travel more than most.

I visited Venus also. Such a dark dreary place I did not stay long. But I did enjoy the people there. Such character and depth, I spent most of the time sharing stories and learning about a venusian’s life.

While traveling without a real destination I met Melody. She had recently left Venus and I was a passenger on the same ship. I grew fond of her, like a daughter I never had. She needs much help in life and I am more than willing to give it. It seems to fill whatever hole I was trying to fill while traveling.

Alberto Reynolds

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