The Dreamers

Crashdown on Iceland

Session 2


Five days ago, I was a well-desired, beautiful, NORMAL person on a cruise… Today though? Today, I don’t know what I am… Not completely, at any rate. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I have an inkling though, between the samples the doctor has taken, and the strange dreams I’ve been having.

The meteor, the Paleiran Comet that the Torch family & the ELF technology destroyed? It was more that just plants and rock; there was sentience, life, on that comet. And now? Some part of that living organism has taken root inside of me.

I can say with a fair degree of surety that the ELF’s desire to further some sort of evolution is having results… Though exactly what those results might mean, I am still unsure.

The doctor tell me that the organic glands on the back of my neck produce something like a pollen that causes a sympathetic reaction in another.

The doctor himself has changed as well, as have we all. His mechanical parts have all become integrated with organic materials. Ms. Gray’s ferret, known as Alberto, has developed a sentience that I suspect to be directly linked back to her and the plants. The lady soldier, Matik, has an organic component that blossoms from behind her right ear, having the appearance of a green lily.

I hope, though I do not believe, that we shall manage to find a way out of this, undamaged and unscathed. I can only pray for a miracle as I try my hardest to do what I must to survive with whatever it is that is now happening to me.

All of us have changed, but for the better or worse has yet to be determined. How can we say for sure, when we don’t even know what we are anymore?

~ 林の花 Hayashi Hana

Crashdown on Iceland

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