The Dreamers

A One Week Tour

Session 1

The heroes have all been selected to be winners of a free, all expenses paid trip around the system, ending in the opportunity to see the Paleiran Comet.

Caduceus Asclepius, a mysterious man in a metal helmet. He spent the trip in grand fashion, from starting out on delirium inducing medications to mind smashing Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters throughout the cruise served up from the very excellent bartender Burk Plekol. The real trouble was when he decided to make a 10 million credit bet with Steven Parker.

Hayashi Hana, a gorgeous and respected companion currently residing on Mars. She spent her trip rubbing elbows with the celebrities and well-known passengers, getting in close with Luther Grey, Derick Holar, and Chipper Burton.

Melody Gray, an interesting Venusian who is known to converse with ferret known as “Alberto”. She investigated the technological aspects of the ship, ate a lot of good food, and generally disturbed the rest of the passengers.

(REMEMBER TO INSERT NAME HERE), seems to be an investigative and intelligent woman from Venus. She spent a lot of time looking around the ship and questioning any personnel that she could get her hands on. She then made a rather in depth report to a well known conspiracy web server.

These four passengers found themselves placed into one of the jettisoned escape ships, and informed by Diadra Norton that they were one of many “evolutionary teams” that were being formed.

After this rather surprising news they found that they had only enough control of their ship to point their ship towards the Earth, but unfortunately their course is headed strait for the technological “dead-man’s land” of Iceland.


I’ve been in tight spots before, to be sure, but never in my life did I expect what has happened in the last 24 hours. I have been thrust into something of which I have no training or experience in, nor do I know what I am to do.

On the sixth night of our vacation aboard the Menagerie, the evening of the meteor viewing, we adjourned to the grand ballroom to witness the Peleiran Comet.

The comet was breathtaking; A beautiful and magnificent emerald color, seemingly deriving from vegetation on the surface of the meteoroid. Yes, vegetation.

As those of us who had won this trip watched the comet pass in awe, a holographic projection appeared on the stage to speak. I noticed with some trepidation as I looked about that neither Luther Grey nor Flint Torch was here to witness this historical occasion. The hologram explained to us that this was a momentous event, and that the comet only passed by the Earth around once every 2400 years. It also described the peculiar radiation readings that the comet gave off.

My attention shifted abruptly as sections of people and chairs started disappearing. Holes were opening in the floor beneath people as the comet continued to pass. My body tensed as I realized something was terribly wrong, but it was already too late; I was falling.

I landed in one of the living quarters, and was surprised to recognize it as my own. Arriving with me were three others. The first was the gentlemen with whom I’d spoken briefly on the first evening; he must have suffered some unfortunate injury with amount of tech he has on his body. The second was a Venutian woman with whom I’d had no prior experience with on the ship, but she clearly knows her way around the technology. The last was a woman with some sort of military history, though I remain unsure of her true origins.

As soon as the four of us landed in the pod, we were launched directly at the Peleiran Comet. Traveling toward the comet, my brain began to mull over the chances that we’d survive a direct hit to its’ surface, and whether an intergalactic comet had any atmosphere to speak of, much less survive in.

An eye-searing burst of light interrupted my pondering. Looking back at the Menagerie, we could see now that what remained after the pods had been fired were actually a giant laser. The laser lanced into the comet, penetrating to its very core, and then in a devastating blaze, the Peleiran Comet exploded.

Our pod ship sailed through the debris of rocks and plants as we searched the ship desperately in hopes that we could find something to aid ourselves.

Our Venutian, by the name of Melody, did something to get the ship to turn towards Earth. From what I understood, that in itself was a miracle, as we have no engines or escape from this pod ship.

At that point, the Artificial Intelligence calling itself Diadra Norton made itself known to us. It specified to me that it was Super Computer Artificial Intelligence, and not a robot. That is to say, it did not follow Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. The implications of that particular statement still do not sit well with me.

Diadra explained to us much of what was occurring, including the fact that we were part of an experiment set up and implemented by the Torch family. According to Diadra, the Peleiran Comet was facilitated by a distant alien race, designed to promote growth every several thousand years, and by shattering it, seven times the amount of evolutionary pollinate was released. We were sent through the pollinate with the intention that we grow, mutate and advance; evolve, to become the best possible humans ever.

We are on a crash course now to Iceland, the technological dead zone on Earth, and I can only pray to whatever Gods are listening that somehow, we make it out of this alive.

~ 林の花 Hayashi Hana

A One Week Tour

I spend a few days traped in the wasteland of Iceland, and those bastards bomb my lab… I did not show for some now meningless metting, ha the joke is on them. By the time they relalise that some of the french were on that ship it will be to late. Maybe they can still be usefull… If I can only convince them that I am working on a way to transplant the Botanical simbout, then I could get funding and specimins to work with… yes this is forming into a good plan, now how to buy some time?

A One Week Tour

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